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We live in a time where humans position in the modern society and nature is evolving. We have the opportunity to respect nature as our self. By doing this, the earth may be a better place for all those who lived here. Amalie uses this
in her process to create pieces based on her affiliations to the earth.

Photography is the mirror to the past, present and future. Amalie is a Norwegian witch and photographer. For her, photography is a way to tell a story without words. The viewer can make their own opinions and interpretations.

Amalie Alvee Wiig is a Norwegian Photographer, born in February 1999.
She is a member of NFF – Norges Fotografers Forbund and OF – Oslo Fotograflaug.

Amalie Alvee Wiig was the curator of her own solo exhibition "Mennesket og Planter" which took place at Sentralen from February 15-20, 2020. She has also been co-curator of the group exhibition "Resilience" which took place at Schous Plass from June 12-26, 2020, and co-curated her book "Natura Mortua" with Chris Harrison in February 2020.